Products & Services

The Mutual Insurance Company of Lehigh County offers a variety of property and casualty insurance products primarily designed to meet the insurance needs of the small urban Pennsylvania communities in which the Company does business. The Company presently writes fire, allied lines, homeowners, mobile homeowners, inland marine and other liability lines of business. Through the structuring of fire and general (other) liability lines the Company provides a flexible commercial package product described below.


The Company offers standard homeowner programs for properties located principally in small urban communities. This category includes both homeowners and mobile homeowners coverages. Additional coverages, such as replacement cost of contents, higher limits for liability, small in-home business coverages and similar products are also offered. The homeowner policy includes identity theft coverage.

Commercial Lines (Combined Products Package)

The Company’s commercial lines business is written under a combined products package designation and is a product specifically structured to meet the needs of its commercial customers. The combined products package is geared to the small retail and office client and consists primarily of fire and general liability coverages (premises liability) for lessors.

General (other) Liability

This product line consists of section II general liability coverages written on small commercial operations. Included in this category is the liability section of the combined products package. The Company strives to provide products to fill all the property and casualty needs of its customers. No long tail business is written.

Special Property

Under this caption is included dwelling fire, farm fire, allied lines and inland marine coverages. Dwelling fire policies are written primarily to insure rental and non-owner occupied properties, properties that do not meet the eligibility criteria for homeowners policies, and components of the combined products package. Allied lines policies provide supplemental products. Inland marine policies are written to insure jewelry, fine arts, furs and similar items.


The Company's products are marketed by a group of approximately 75 independent insurance agencies whose selection was based on the following criteria:

  • Located in rural, suburban and urban territories
  • Principals actively involved in the agency’s business (average age 45 to 55).
  • Proven ability to write profitable business (measured by 5-year incurred loss ratios) and meet volume and mix of business requirements.
  • Successful, well-known businesspeople who sell on the basis of relations.
  • Excellent relationship with the management of Lehigh Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Commitment to continuing education.

Consistent, ongoing communication with the agents will increase their focus on producing profitable business as well as generating increasing loyalty and partnership affiliations with the Company. The Company holds formal meetings with agents to discuss the Company’s products.


The mission of the company is to focus on building customer loyalty through a proactive approach to coverages and service. This mission, embraced by Company management and staff, will deliver exceptional products and policyholder value.

The Mutual Insurance Company of Lehigh County will strive to identify and implement alternative products for niche markets not currently serviced by the Company’s established products. Product expansion will emphasize opportunities to cross sell new products with existing products based on potential market penetration, adequate staffing and updated technology. New products and/or geographic expansion of the Company will be explored in due course, possibly through the evaluation of strategic alliances.